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Suggestive plays of light and colors, pleasant diffused essences, waterfalls and jets of water for a unique emotional experience in a context of other times.

We are waiting for you in the spa to pamper you and spoil you a little thanks to the professionalism of our masseuses.

The mini Spa is composed as follows:

    toning bath with water jets that promotes circulation and facilitates muscle relaxation. Experience the pure pleasure of bathing in our indoor pool, with an emotional tub and whirlpool. The waterfall shower provides a pleasant overall sensation and makes a beneficial neck massage possible. The whirlpool stone jets rub the muscles giving you feelings of well-being.
  • TURKISH BATH (hammam)
    invigorating and regenerating steam bath for body and spirit. To be enjoyed as a couple for total relaxation. Effective for purifying the tissues, purifying the skin and fortifying the respiratory system. It also reduces stress and muscle tension. The presence of very pure Himalayan salt blocks allow you to breathe a healthy air full of iodine, improving the body’s assimilation of this mineral.
    Two types of shower can be used inside ancient rocky niches. The mist shower allows you to find pleasure, relief and refreshment after a steam bath or a hot treatment, while the tropical shower brings a pleasant sensation thanks to the intense and enveloping jet.
    The showers offer an incredible feeling of well-being and relaxation through the stimulation of all the senses thanks to the synergistic use of colors, aromas and jets of water at different temperatures.
    helps the body and the psyche to find their natural balance. Perfumes and colors for a sensory awakening of body and spirit, thanks to the fragrances of precious essential oils and natural essences, to dissolve tensions, lighten the body and free the mind.

Wellness Path

100% natural mineral mud from the Dead Sea, without preservatives, with a high concentration of minerals, vitamins and antibacterial, particularly suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Results: improves peripheral circulation. cleanses the epidermis in depth helping the body to expel waste and toxins. making the skin more compact and smooth.

Route details:

  • Turkish bath: 10 minutes (to prepare the skin for mud);
  • mud therapy: 20 minutes with natural mud from the dead sea with 7% magnesium;
  • emotional shower;
  • massage: 30 minutes;
  • whirlpool: 20 minutes;
  • relaxation and herbal tea: to replenish mineral salts.

Type of massages offered by the Villantica SPA

sports massage
<strong>SPORTS MASSAGE</strong>

Tones and warms up the muscle before a sport performance, relaxes and drains lactic acid after muscle fatigue (duration 50 minutes).

manual lymphatic drainage
<strong>MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE</strong>

Suitable for those with cellulite and water retention problems (duration 50 minutes).

back massage
<strong>BACK MASSAGE</strong>

Massage entirely dedicated to the well-being of the lumbo-sacral and cervical area (duration 30 minutes).

hot stone massage
<strong>HOT STONE MASSAGE</strong>

Hands and hot stones in synergy to restore energy balance and relax the muscles (duration 50 minutes).

Californian massage
<strong>CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE</strong>

Fluid, enveloping, rhythmic, circular, it pampers the entire surface of the body. Suitable for those suffering from stress, fatigue and insomnia (duration 50 minutes).

Hawaiian massage
<strong>LOMI LOMI MASSAGE (HAWAIAN)</strong>

It relaxes the muscles and loosens the joints, resulting at the same time relaxing but also invigorating, excellent for circulation and posture (duration 50 minutes).

Ayurvedic massage
<strong>AYURVEDIC MASSAGE</strong>

It relaxes the body, improves the elasticity of the muscles, improves the flexibility of the spine and joints, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, nourishes, tones and firms the skin (duration 50 minutes).

foot massage
<strong>FOOT REFLEXOLOGY</strong>

Through particular stimuli and compressions that are carried out on certain areas of the feet, it allows to prevent and treat certain types of ailments (duration 30 minutes).


Mud treatments, exfoliating treatment, personalized facial treatments. All massages can be for couples.