Good Food

The kitchen of the farmhouse

The kitchen of our farmhouse in Gallipoli and its surroundings is reserved exclusively for the guests of the structure.

We like to eat well, we have a passion for good food and for this we love to delight guests with tasty dishes.

To prepare the dishes we mainly use fresh ingredients, of the highest quality, as far as possible at zero kilometer .

We use, when available, seasonal fruit and vegetables from our garden, extra virgin olive oil (EVO) obtained from the olive grove of our countryside, local wine .

For the rest, we source daily from farmers of the area that we know personally and who cultivate the products of the earth on their own using natural methods.

We only use genuine meats purchased from trusted local butchers e fresh fish coming from Gallipoli fishermen.

We prepare delicacies starting from breakfast , very abundant and varied: very fresh fruits, many sweets, cakes, biscuits, pasticciotti and local delicacies homemade every day.

And if you decide to have lunch or dinner in ours farmhouse located in the surroundings of Gallipoli, you will surely have the opportunity to taste our famous one homemade sauce with freshly picked tomatoes , fresh homemade pasta, orecchiette, eggplant parmigiana, grilled, fried fish and many other typical specialties of local cuisine flavored with spices from the Mediterranean.

Just to name a few: chicory reste cu le “fae nette” (wild chicory with fava bean puree), ciceri and tria (chickpeas with homemade pasta), purpu alla pignata (terracotta octopus), potato pitta (potato focaccia ), in addition to the classic dishes of the Italian tradition.

A sensory experience of smells, aromas and flavors capable of delighting even the most refined and demanding palates.

A cuisine of yesteryear , housewife, genuine and peasant, made of delicacies now almost impossible to find, always keeping in mind the tastes and food preferences of each diner.

As one of our guests said some time ago: it almost feels like going to eat at grandma’s … and at grandma’s you eat well!

Last but not least … … to meet the increasingly frequent requests of guests who eat gluten free , we have created a second kitchen, well separated, in order to avoid any type of contamination with gluten.

Our attention is also paid to younger guests: for children we offer simple and genuine dishes, while for newborns we assist mothers in the preparation of baby food and everything related to infant feeding.

In any case, we recommend that you communicate your tastes and dietary needs in time, to allow us to serve you better.

Finally, we will not fail to let you taste, directly from our artisan liqueur factory, grappa, liqueurs and creams so good they are mouth-watering.

So if you are looking for an excellent restaurant with a farmhouse in Gallipoli, or rather a good farmhouse with a restaurant near Gallipoli where you can eat well as well as spend your holidays, you must definitely come to us.